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Economic Impact of MASC Facilities

No MASC Facility Receives an Operating Subsidy

The State of Minnesota contributes no operating subsidy to the annual budgets of all facilities developed by the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission, including the flagship National Sports Center in Blaine.

Economic Impact from Out-of-state Visitors

MASC tracks the annual economic impact of spending by out-of-state visitors at its eleven facilities. Annual direct spending includes tournament fees, lodging and meals purchased during a visit to a MASC facility. Direct spending is increased by a economic multiplier of 1.6 for a conservative estimate of economic impact. In 2015, the economic impact of spending from out-of-state visitors to MASC facilities was almost $70 million dollars.

Economic impact chart

Annual Attendance

Annual number of visits to MASC facilities are also recorded. In 2015, annual attendance at all eleven MASC facilities was over 5 million visitors, with the National Sports Center hosting over 4 million each year.